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Industrial Steel Case | Bulldog Battery


Sportsman Marine/RV Batteries


Bulldog Battery industrial steel case batteries guarentee reliable power for a variety of applications, including forklifts and lifttrucks. The special steel tray maximizes life and provides better corrosion resistance. These batteries also have the heaviest inter-cell connector and lead head in the industry. Call for pricing!


Features and Benefits

  • Cube weight is 100% checked for more accurate plate weights and more uniform capacity
  • Crows foot for a heavier strap and a better bond to the plate
  • Moss shield is retained and is not allowed to float
  • Sleeve separator for enhanced capacity
  • Additional glass wrap on the positive plate for better capacity and life
  • All contact tips are sweat on not crimped
  • Cable jacket is retained in the lead head with a special retaining ring
  • Contact tip and cable jacket are covered with heat shrink tubing




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